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608 Wisconsin Avenue
Tieton, WA 98947
United States


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10x10x10xTieton 2014

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August 9th - October 11th, 2014 at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse

Opening reception: August 9th

Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun from 12 - 3pm



This year’s 10x10x10xTieton call for entries saw 740 domestic and international entries from 252 artists. Juror Vicki Halper accepted 134 works from this pool, making for a tightly curated exhibition.

Vicki Halper is a Seattle-based curator specializing in contemporary art of the Pacific Northwest and American craft. She is the co-editor of Morris Graves: Selected Letters (University of Washington Press, 2013), and curator of Links: Australian Glass and the Pacific Northwest (Museum of Glass, Tacoma), which is currently on national tour.

Of jurying 10x10x10xTieton, Vicki writes: “I like to be surprised, engaged, confused, moved, and/or delighted by works of art. The subject matter and the manner of making can each contribute to my response. Landscapes and animals don’t regularly make me swoon. Excellent technique often isn’t enough. I may want to be irritated rather than soothed. As a sole juror, these prejudices are likely more apparent since there are no contrary opinions to consider.  

All the pieces in the exhibition fulfilled one or more of my criteria. I am very pleased with the variety and richness of the submissions, and with the resulting selection.  Congratulations to the chosen artists! To others, I wish you future competitions with different jurors. Keep making art.”


Zachary Abel

Jane Alynn

Theresa Batty

Joan Bazaz

R. Belanger

Charly Bloomquist

S. Portico Bowman

John Breitweiser

Laura Brodax

Christopher Brown

Geraldine Bullock

Adele Caemmerer

Joan Cawley Crane

Runchloe Chen

Susan Christian

James Connors

Catherine Cook

Sue Danielson

Tom DeGroot

Amanda Devine

Carole D'Inverno

Maura Donegan

Rachel Dorn

Sara Drower

Sheila Ferri

Jenny Fillius

Jane Foley Ferraro

Neal Galloway

Boris Gaviria

Rob Gischer

Philip Gleason

Bobbi Goodboy

Kathy Gore-Fuss

Susan Guice

Jennifer Hackworth

Monte Hallgarth

Sharon Harper

Thomas Harris

Tobe Harvey

Jay Hendrick

Mike Hiler

Thomas Howard

Judy Hurcomb

Richard Hutter

David Kammerzell

John Kane

Diane Katsiaficas

Andrew Keating

Joel Kiser

Marli LaGrone

Alida Latham

Marta Lee

Janice Lessman-Moss

Randy Long

Terell Lozada

Alec MacLeod

Ian MacLeod

Caroline McAllister

Leighton McWilliams

Nia Michaels

Guen Montgomery

Rachel Moreau

Deborah Morris

Mikela Naylor

Meredith Nemirov

Janet Neuhauser

Elizabeth Paquette

Deborah Paul

Joseph Pentheroudakis

Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro

Linda Quartman Younker

Lena Reifinger

Elena Ricci

Heather Robinson

Marissa Roth

Kimberly Rowe

Glenn Rudolph

David Ryan

Cathy Sarkowsky

Dan Shafer

Brantly Sheffield

Stephanie Sherwood

Jean SMith

Danielle Stansberry

Ethan Stern

Sally Tonkin

Liz Tran

Doreen Trudel

Aric Verrastro

Carmi Weingrod

Jean Wender

Roger WIlliams

Nan WOnderly

Elizabeth Woodward

Vonda Yarberry

Ellen Ziegler

Exhibited Works


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