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608 Wisconsin Avenue
Tieton, WA 98947
United States


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10x10x10xTieton 2011

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August 13th - October 2nd, 2011 at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse

Opening Reception: August 13th

Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun from 12 - 3pm


Tucked into the unlikely corner of a Central Washington apple warehouse, 10x10x10xTieton, a juried exhibition of art, craft, print, and photography, invites viewers to celebrate the small.

10x10x10xTieton is a juried exhibition of art, craft, print, and photography, of which no piece exceeds 10 inches in any dimension. The show takes place at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse, 608 Wisconsin Ave., Tieton, WA and runs from August 13-October 2, 2011, Friday-Sunday, 12-3PM. Show receptions are as follows: Opening Reception, Saturday, August 13, 12-5PM; Saturday, August 27 during Highland Community Days from 12-5PM; Closing Reception, Sunday, October 2, 12-5PM. This year, Mighty Tieton received an unprecedented number of entries, from which our three professional jurors curated a strong, tight show featuring artists from around the U.S. and abroad

With more than 100 pieces on display in a broad range of media, 10x10x10xTieton offers inspiration to visitors of all ages and interests in the arts. The great number of pieces encourages visitors to make multiple visits, as one trip won’t be enough to take them all in. The size constraint repeatedly demonstrates that creativity and innovation are not dependent upon size. The fine art and works of craft juxtaposed with wooden beams, concrete floors, and massive apple storage doors of the repurposed apple warehouse, makes 10x10x10xTieton a refreshing space in which to enjoy and explore art.

Juror's Awards

Debra Broz

Installation View


Michell Acuff

Renee Adams

Julie Alexander

Jane Alynn

Rick Araluce

Brian Paul Bach

Theresa Batty

Gudrun Bayerlein

Cecilia Blomberg

Charly Bloomquist

Stephanie Bower

Patti Bowman

Alix Brodeur

Debra Broz

Andrew Buckles

Bette Burgoyne

Emily Caisip

Minh Carrico

Donnabelle Casis

Jaq Chartier

Dorothy Cheng

Karen Chenkovich

Kimberly Clark

Jennifer Crescuillo


Exhibited Works

Barbara Dahn

Mark Daughhetee

Karri A Dieken

Rachel Dorn

Matt Empson and Sarah Haubner

Arini Esarey

John Miguel Esteban

Bob Fisher

Michelle Fortier

Janice Fournier

Alan Fulle

Helen Gamble

Shannon Gentry

Michael Harrison

Mike Hascall

Cynthia Hibbard

Harrison Higgs

Sarah Hood

Gail Howard

Eva Isaksen

Gregor Jamroski

John Jenkins III

Scott Jennings

Theodora Jonsson


Laurie Kanyer

Sally Ketcham

Kurt Kiefer

Yong Joo Kim

Erika Kohr Island

Deborah Lawrence

Terry Leness

Dorothy McGuinness

Nia Michaels

Ann Morris

Christopher Ornelas

Joseph Pentheroudakis

Eva Pietzcker

James Reed

Stacy Rosevear

Samatha Scherer

Lynn Schirmer

Matthew Sellars

Eva Skold Westerlind

Lucas Spivey

Dennis Traut

Martin Venezky

Jodi Waltier


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