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608 Wisconsin Avenue
Tieton, WA 98947
United States



Tieton Mosaic Project


The Tieton Mosaic Project engages regional artists and artisans, local community members, K-12 students, business owners, and civic leaders in cycle of planning, education/apprenticeship, and hands-on art-making to accomplish twin goals: reinforce the character of Tieton with the bold design aesthetics of the vintage fruit labels, and establish a new self-sustaining artisan business. Tieton does not have a strong historical architectural tradition. Buildings are workmanlike cinderblock-style from the 1940-60s. However, the town itself has a clearly defined core, with a beautiful park surrounded by four blocks of storefronts. A modest amount of graphically distinct signage executed in traditional craft materials gives Tieton a distinctive identity. Based in Tieton, these businesses train and employ members of the community, marketing their products nationally within the incubator of Mighty Tieton. 

Thus, the Tieton Mosaic Project produced a city signage system, inspired by the New York City subway system mosaics and local fruit label design. Starting with these public signs, we will expand our repertoire to a production line. The mosaic studio follows the Mighty Tieton business model. The initial project was a joint public/private venture by TA&H, the City of Tieton, Mighty Tieton, Paper Hammer Studios, the Educational Foundation of America, the Raynier Foundation, Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA) and the Yakima Valley Community Foundation. In July of 2013, the National Endowment of the Arts awarded Tieton Arts and Humanities (TA&H) a $50,000 Our Town grant to launch the Tieton Mosaic Project.  

Following the success of the Tieton City Signs, Tieton Mosaic was awarded a a $45,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant to create seven large mosaics around Tieton using agricultural crate label designs as inspiration. The first mosaic, the Big Tieton T made it’s debut in August 2017. The second completed mosaic, the Garretson Moon Brand, was completed in December 2018. A third, the Tie-It-On Terrier, was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign and the fourth, the Hy-Land-Kids mosaic, are being constructed now.

Keep an eye out for lots of changes here in Tieton. Many projects are complete with even more in the works. We have already begun spooling and scheduling commissions for commercial signage after our grants and crowd funded projects are completed. Stay tuned for the next chapter.

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