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608 Wisconsin Avenue
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10x10x10xTieton 2013

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August 10th - October 9th, 2013 at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse

Opening reception: August 10th

Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun from 12 - 3pm


This year’s call for entries saw 624 domestic and international entries from 234 artists. Jurors Linda Tesner and Justin Gibbens accepted 180 works from 145 artists. 

Linda Tesner is the Director of the Hoffman Gallery at Lewis & Clark College. Of jurying the exhibition, Linda writes, “It was a delightful honor to have been asked to jury the annual 10 x 10 x 10 exhibition at Mighty Tieton! Perhaps the most arresting thing that I experienced in viewing the more than 600 entries—in addition to the paradoxical power of the small work of art—was the tremendous breadth of media involved in the making of these works. Not only were there plenty of wonderful traditional expressions in painting, drawing, and photography, but there were some captivatingly unexpected materials—felt, a makeup mirror, soap! It is unendingly inspiring to me to see where the creative impulse takes an artist. My congratulations to the artists selected for 10 x 10 x 10. I look forward to seeing more of their work in the years to come.”

Justin Gibbens is a master draftsman, trained in both scientific illustration and traditional Chinese painting-a skill set that he employs in his zoological drawings. He is a founding member of PUNCH Gallery, an artist-run gallery located in Seattle, WA. He has shown nationally and internationally and lives in rural Thorp, Washington. Of jurying 10x10, Justin writes: “So, what to look for? Three things: Craftsmanship, Concept and finally, Consideration of scale. Did the piece demonstrate a particular intention and skill in the given aesthetic and medium? Was there something exciting, novel or poignant about the content? And finally, how did the size of the work affect the overall impact of the piece? For many of the submissions, these where not easy questions to answer, and in a perfect world all of them would be worthy of inclusion and recognition. But things aren’t perfect. Space was limited, and we all have biases. I congratulate all of the artists whose work made the final cut. 10 inches is arguably a difficult criterion, and making work that holds up on this intimate of scale is challenging.”


Installation View

Jurors' Awards

Generously donated by Doug and Laurie Kanyer


Michelle Acuff

Janice Arnold Brian Bach

Myranda Bair

Carolynn Baker

Janice Baker

Steven Baris

Michael Baum

Carla Bengston

Dustin Berg

Kathleen Bishop

Mare Blocker

Charly Bloomquist

Tyler Boley

John Breitweiser

Naya Bricher

Constance Brinkley

Margee Bright-Ragland

Bogumil Bronkowski

Lisa Buchanan

William Buchanan

Buddy Bunting

Chris Burnside

Carol Carson

Maria Cristalli

Mark Dahn

Jenna David

Steve Davis

Tom DeGroot

Davin Diaz

Karri Dieken

Avia Dimattia

Christopher DiPietro

Dawn Endean

Tatiana Ermakova

Samantha Fisher

Michelle Fortier

Elizabeth Freitag

Laura Gable

Susan Gainen

Liz Gamberg

Patti Garcia

Dale Garell

Christine Gedye

Rob Gischer

Kimberly Grantier

Andrew Bellatti Green

Emily Grego

Karen Hackenberg

Lucy Hale

Monte Hallgarth

Evy Halvorsen Holstein

Joanne Hammer

Rachel Hardin

Teresa Harris

Nancy Hathaway

Mike Hiller

Charlene Hillebrand

Cailin Holmes

J Hunt

Richard Hutter

John Kane

Laurie Kanyer

Diane Katsiaficas

Michael Kellner

MJ King

Lolly Loon

Kim Kopp

Alida Latham

Irene Lawson

Jacob Lee

Anita Lehmann

Ben Lerchin

Janice Lessman-Moss

Sue Lezon

Moxie Lieberman

Justin Lincoln

Iris Litt

Lynn Liverton

James Long

Amy Lowry

David Lu

Kirsten Lund

David Lynx

Meredith MacLeod

Scott Mansfield

Brittany Marcoux

Seth McFarland

Dorothy McGuinness

Paul McKee

Particia McLain

Gene McMahon

Laura Melosh

Kristen Michael

Emmy Mikelson

Peter Millet

Gail Molina

Laili Molina

Colleen Monette

Deborah Morris

Mary Mosey

Laura Nash

Barbara Noonan

Jane Notides Benzing

Tracy Opheim

Nicolette Overton

Nancy Paris Pruden

Deborah Paul

Cory Peeke

Jayne Pena

Stefano Perez Tonella

Mary Portteus

Nicole Pietrntoni

Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro

Lynn Quesenbury

Inge Roberts

Susan Rochester

Herb Rosenberg

J Graham Ross

Kristen Scott

Casey Sheldon

Kirsten Skiles

Ceecah Sobel

Kevin Starr

Tereza Swanda

Lori Talcott

Denise Tarantino

Leitha Thrall

Timea Tihanyi

Meghan Urback

Tawni Urbina

Aric Verrastro

Roberta Wagner

George Walker

Merrily Warren

Sandra Westford

Diana Wieler

Samuel Wildman

Michael Yankowski

Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash

Clayton Young

Sigrid Zahner

Ellen Ziegler

Jennifer Zwick

Exhibited Works


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