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608 Wisconsin Avenue
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10x10x10xTieton 2010

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August 11th - October 10th, 2010 at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse

Opening Reception: August 11th

Gallery hours: Fri, Sat, Sun from 12 - 3pm


10x10x10xTieton is an impressive exhibition. When we put out the call for entries, we hoped to attract as many as 150 submissions. By the deadline, we had received 550. The exhibition features nearly 180 pieces from as far away as Thailand.

Although restricted by scale, the works are not constrained by artistic ambition or generosity of artistic spirit. Many of the pieces are highly accomplished artworks by professional artists. Others demonstrate quirky, experimental ideas, freshly imaginatively realized. Craft is well represented, as are book arts, printing, photography and sculpture. To all the artists who demonstrated that small can be big, we thank you.

Lucas Deon Spivey pulled 10x10 together, and demonstrated his remarkable ability to attract artists, install art in a smart and provocative way, and manage all the details of a hugely ambitions project with grace and boundless enthusiasm. Alix Brodeur and Morgan Hancocks proved to be extraordinarily helpful and resourceful in all kinds of ways.

Those who assisted Lucas deserve special thanks. Lele Barnett and Fidelma McGinn provided crucial support organizing the entries for juyring. Greg Kucera, Gail Gibson and Ed Marquand agreed to jury the exhibition. It was an honor to have such distinguished colleagues involved. Laurie and Doug Kanyer provided unrestricted award money for three of the artists. That kind generosity is invaluable to our efforts. Mike Longyear keeps the business end of our operation going and his contributions are impossible to quantify adequately. 

To submitting artists, everyone involved in the exhibition and in the catalogue, the visitors to the exhibition patrons who purchased art -- many many many thanks.


Nola Ahola

Esther Akrish

Iole Alessandrini

Jane ALynn

Amalia K. Amaki

Christopher Andersen

Sam Garriot Antonacci

Rick Araluce

Bo Bartlett

Lydia Bassis

Susan Bennerstrom

Becky Blair

Mare Blocker

David Brandt

Larry Bullis

Christine Burkland

Emily Caisip

Michael B. Campell

Brigitt Carnochan

Claudia Cohen

Jan Crocker

Maralyn Crosetto

Pablo D'Antoni

Mark Dahn

Faryn Davis

John de Wit

Carole Degrave

Carey Denniston

Patty DiRenzo

Victoria Dixon

Betsey Eby

Arini Esarey

Roger Feldman

Shawn Ferris

Julie Fisco

Robert Fisher

Carol Fletcher

Margaret Ford

Janice Fournier

Davis Freeman

Katja Fritzsche

Galen Garwood

Gigi Gaulin

Erik Geschke

Barb Smith Gilbert

Jessica Glascock-Broze

Meia Glick

Amelia Gohn

Catherine Grisez

Laura Gunnip

Aaliyah Gupta

Kathryn Gustafson

Julia Haack

Karen Hackenberg

Betty Hageman

Lois Harbaugh

Dionne Haroutunian

Mike Hascall

Mike Hiler

Sarah Horowitz

Gail Howard

Bobbie Benton Hull

Judy Hurcomb

Eva Isaksen

Gregor Jamroski

Susan Clifford Jamroski

Claire Johnson

Alexis Kane

John A. Kane

Laurie Kanyer

Andre Keating

Susan Kelly

Nancy F. Kiefer

Greg Kono

Kimm Kopp

Carolyn Krieg

Suzanne Lamon

Counsel Langley

Larry Larsen

Rolland Lee

Rich Lehl

Emma Jane Levitt

Terri Lovins

David Lynx

Meredith MacLeod

Ann Maki

Phil Marquez

Rachel Maxi

Mary M. Mazziotti

Joseph McDonnell

Linda McFarland

Dorothy McGuinness

Nickolus Meisel

Lindsey Merrell

Nia Michaels

Bryan S. Miller

Ann Morris

Christine Moulton

Terry Mulkey

Craig J. Muth

Don Myhre

Richard Nicol

Fed Nocella

Ricardo Novak

Linda Okazaki

Darren Orange

Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield

Mary Ann Peters

Maria Philips

Nancy Ravenhall Johnson

Jessie Redstone

Ron Reeder

LeAnne Ries

Joan Stuart Ross

Serrah Russell

Ellen Rutledge

Terri Schaake

David Scherrer

Gayle Scholl

Sally Schuh

Kristen Scott

Matt Sellars

Penn O. Shelton

Scott Skinner

Jean Smith

Jennifer Smith

S.D> Smith

Jessica Spring

Brian St Cyr

Timothy James Standring

Katy Stone

Sharon Swanson

Ty Talbot

Lori Talcott

Diane Tchkirides

Sarah Teasdale Szady-Bey

Liz Tran

Tricia Treacy

Carol Trenga

Kristen Urlacher

M.E. Van Guse

Sandra Westford

Sam Wildman

Sean T. Wilson

B.J. Wolf

Exhibited Works


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