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608 Wisconsin Avenue
Tieton, WA 98947
United States



Tieton Arts & Humanities

Tieton Arts & Humanities is a non-profit corporation that creates and implements artistic and cultural programs, in Tieton, providing sustainable opportunities for local and regional engagement and celebration.  By engaging talented and creative individuals—from the Yakima Valley, the Northwest, and across the nation—we facilitate participation, collaboration, and community-based entrepreneurship among people with diverse backgrounds, ages, and education levels.

Tieton Arts & Humanities is a 501(c)3 corporation.


Board Members

John Kane, President, Issaquah and Tieton

Melody Pottratz, Vice President, Tieton

Jack Radosevich, Secretary, Tieton

Michael Longyear, Treasurer, Seattle and Tieton

Elizabeth Herres Miller, Yakima

Ed Stover, Yakima

Julie Wyles, Tieton

James Legatt, Tieton and Seattle

Aaron Collier, Yakima


Amber Knox, Selah